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Importer in Bangladesh

A surprise to a loved one or simply a gift to yourself, an Armaf makes for a perfect selection. As the only Armaf Importer in Bangladesh, we not only provide Armaf perfumes for Men and Women, but also an eclectic range of Armaf Deodorants for Men and Women too.

Extraordinary Perfume

An attire, an evening, a special moment - a great fragrance can uplift it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

International Market

After making waves in the international market and being established as a favourite in the Middle East, Multi Import brings the world class range of Armaf fragrances to Bangladesh to forever change the fragrance landscape here.

Your Favourite one

Be spoilt for choice as you can also access the renowned brands of Sterling Perfumes like Havex, Bio Luxe, ARMAF (UAE) and other brands' products too through this website.